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New smartphone application for EU travellers

A new mobile application helps Hungarian consumers during travelling abroad

Did you buy something on holidays that got defective shortly afterwards? Do you have trouble with rental cars or hotel accommodation booked at home? Is the plane delayed at return flight? In case your holidays turn out differently than planned you should know what to do to exercise your rights. Even better: You can also say it!

In relation to the summer holidays and vacation the European Consumers Centres’ Network (ECC-Network, ECC-Net) – including the European Consumer Centre Hungary operating in the organisation of the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection – has developed a unique mobile application, “ECC-Net: Travel” App. The “ECC-Net: Travel” application is an indispensable companion in the European Union and Norway and Iceland that helps consumers to solve difficult situations during their holidays abroad, and also ensures for them to express and assert their consumer rights in the language of the country of destination. The application provides legal information and language support in all 23 official languages of the European Union as well as Norwegian and Icelandic. The application first starts in English and German, and after selecting the home country and the language it is available in Hungarian.

The “ECC-Net: Travel” application provides assistance and information about the consumer rights for the Hungarian consumers in the area of purchase at retail shop, car rental, hotel accommodation, air, railway, bus and ship travel, health services, and may facilitate the communication with the foreign enterprise. In addition, in the “Useful information” section it includes important contact details, phone numbers in case of emergency situations.

The “ECC-Net: Travel” application is free of charge, and can be used offline, without any internet connection to avoid roaming costs. It can be downloaded to mobile devices which are operated with iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows. The application is available on the following sites:



Windows Phone:

The introduction of the application took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on a press conference on 2nd July 2014, where the consumer policy commissioner, Mr Neven Mimica was also present. The commissioner said: “A successful Single market depends also on citizens knowing their Consumer rights. We welcome this initiative which continues to raise awareness amongst Europe’s consumers and makes it easier for consumer travelling across Europe to exercise their rights.”

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