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Austrian Experts’ Visit at the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection

On 15 December 2014 two colleagues from the European Consumer Centre Austria arrived for a short study visit to the European Consumer Centre Hungary (ECC) that is hosted by the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (HACP).


The participants exchanged views on current issues of network operation, ways of cross border consumer complaint handling and on best practices. Consumer information and awareness raising activities are priorities for the ECC network, therefore lively discussion formed among participants around information and communication activities of the network.

Additionally, both ECCs provided a brief insight into the work of their host institutions on the field of consumer protection and presented the consumer protection system of their own country. The Austrian experts paid much attention to the new initiatives of the HACP, particularly Smart Home and Smart Basket and showed enhanced interest in the “Consumer Friendly Trader” certificate and the Positive List.

The Austrian experts were welcomed by Acting Director General Mr. István Szente dr., who highlighted the importance of ECC network’s work and ensured them about his full support. Mr. Szente added, recent results of the Hungarian centre are truly fascinating in terms of efficiency of cross border consumer complaint handling and awareness raising of consumers and traders. Mr. Péter Aranyi dr., HACP’s international adviser took part at the meeting as well, who spoke about the role of HACP in EU and international networks (CPC, ICPEN) and about HACP’s bilateral international relations (neighbouring countries, Western Balkans, Turkey, China, etc.)

On the whole, a remarkably fruitful exchange of expertise took place between the Austrian and Hungarian experts, which contributes to an even more efficient handling of cross border consumer complaints and to the strengthening of professional working relations between the Austrian and Hungarian ECC.

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