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Useful tips and advice for travellers

Every year many tour organizer offer different opportunities during the Travel Fair. The Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection together with the European Consumer Centre would like to provide some useful information on travel contracts. Our most essential advice is that everyone should read the general terms and condition before signing the contract.

Furher important rules are the following:

  • The travel contracts must be set out in writing, and a copy must be given to the passenger
  • Only 40 percent deposit can be required from the passenger. The Parties may depart from the amount of 40 percent if a foreign participant takes part in the fulfilment of the travel and the contract between the foreign participant and the organizer contains stricter rules for the organizer.
  • If the number of passengers travelling at the same time, via the same route, using identical service reaches 15, the organizer shall be required to ensure tour guide who is authorised to act as a tour guide accompany the group abroad.
  • The full price of the travel can be demanded by the organizer no sooner than 30 days before the beginning of the travelling.
  • The price of the travel cannot be raised after signing the contract, except when the contract contains such clause which refers to that.
  • The price of the travel cannot be increased for any reason within 20 days before the beginning of the travel.

The price raising is possible in case of

  • Increasing expenses of the transportation (including an unexpected raise of the gas prices).
  • Increasing obligatory taxes of the different elements of the travel (airport tax, tourism tax, mooring dues).
  • Changing exchange rate of the HUF in comparison to other currencies.

The consumer must be informed about any raise together with its cause. If the proportion of the rise is higher than 8% the consumer can withdraw from the contract. In case of consumer’s withdrawal the organizer is obliged to refund the total price of the travel.

The right of withdrawal from the contract

The passenger may withdraw from a contract in writing for any reason before beginning of the travel. However, costs may occur in certain cases.

  • If the passenger withdraws from the contract 35 days earlier than the beginning of the travel, only 10% of the service price can be demanded as earnest money.
  • If the passenger withdraws from the contract 60 earlier than the beginning of the travel, no earnest money can be demanded.

The most frequent complaints

The most frequently lodged complaints to the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection mostly concern the misleading practice of organizers or accommodation service providers.

It’s a common problem that the accommodation, the meal or other service does not correspond to the information given in the contract or the catalogue.

If you have problem with the accommodation, it is advisable – especially in abroad – to notify the tour guide or the local service provider immediately. The tour guide is obliged to register the complaint and a copy must be given to the passenger. Besides, the organizer must be informed about the complaint without delay.

If there is no tour guide and if the local service provider has failed to remedy the complaint, the passenger shall notify the organizer or the travel agent. The consumer can also submit his compensation claim at the travel agent.

It is important to know that if the organizer does not perform the service undertaken in the contract according to the contract, it is obliged to lower the service price proportionally.

The European Consumer Centre Hungary participates in the Travel Fair 2015

The European Consumer Centre Hungary (ECC Hungary), operating within the organizational structure of the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection, will also attend the “Travel Fair 2015” at its stand 305/D1 in Pavilion A, where the staff of the ECC Hungary will be happy to give answers to the requested information.

It is worth to know, that if the passenger arrange his holiday (accommodation, travel, car rental, other service etc.) fully himself directly with a foreign service providers and if a consumer has a cross border complaint against a trader settled in any EU Member State, Norway or Iceland, ECC Hungary can provide actual legal assistance to the Hungarian consumer to settle his complaints.

The European Consumers Centres’ Network – including the ECC Hungary – has developed a unique mobile application (ECC-Net: Travel), which can be an indispensable companion for passengers travelling abroad. It helps the Hungarian consumers who do not speak foreign language to solve their consumer protection related complaints during their holidays abroad and it also ensures for them to assert their consumer rights. The mobile application is free of charge, and can be used offline, without any internet connection to avoid roaming costs.

Further useful consumer protection information on tourism (e.g. travelling by air, car rental) is available on the ECC’S website honlapján is elérhetőek


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