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The European Consumer Centre Hungary as a member of the European Consumer Centres Network plays an important role in cross-border consumer protection, in the settlement of cross-border consumer complaints and in the information of consumers.   More information »
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We offer free help to consumers in order to reach the settlement of cross-border complaints and disputes against enterprises registered in other countries, and also give them useful information about various consumer issues.                          More information »

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Greater compliance with Consumer Rights on travel websites

In a concerted action by national consumer authorities co-ordinated by the European Commission an astonishing 382 out of 552 websites checked in 2013 did not respect European consumer law. As a result of vigorous enforcement action, 62% of the websites checked are now treating consumers as they should.

Successful participation of ECC Hungary in Travel Fair 2014

In 2014 the 37th international tourist exhibition and fair, “Travel Expo 2014” was organised between 27th February and 2nd March at Hungexpo, where the European Consumer Centre (ECC) hosted by the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection was also present at a separate stand. The exhibitors - now it can be said traditionally - introduced special domestic and foreign travel offers, as well as the tempting and valuable prizes were not missing either.

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